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Pujiang Changmin Crystal Gifts Co., Ltd.
Professional Crystal Manufacturer
Pujiang Changmin Crystal Gifts Co., Ltd. has been established for more than 25 years. It is a national high-level industrial enterprise integrating research and development, manufacturing and sales. The company adheres to the road of differentiated development, vigorously promotes innovative development, and has a number of national patents.

This Company's Product Variety, includes crystal Crafts, Crystal Trophy, Crystal Candlestick, Crystal Office Furnishing Articles, Crystal Animals, Crystal Pendant And Crystal Gifts, and Crystal Products

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You'll see firsthand how our crystal products are made and get to know our dedicated team

Why Choose Us

Choose us for our experience, variety of styles, high-quality attention to detail, and affordable customisation.

  • Pujiang Changmin Crystal Gifts Co., Ltd.
    Customised Services
    Ability to take your personalised requirements and turn them into unique and perfect creations
  • Pujiang Changmin Crystal Gifts Co., Ltd.
    Experienced Production
    We have a wealth of production experience to provide you with a professional and outstanding customised service
  • Pujiang Changmin Crystal Gifts Co., Ltd.
    Great Variety Of Styles
    No matter which style you prefer, we have a style to suit all your ideas
  • Pujiang Changmin Crystal Gifts Co., Ltd.
    Affordable Prices
    High quality customised services at affordable prices, tailored to your needs
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